A Puppy trapped inside Vehicle for Days with her dead owner Return home, thanks to strangers

A woman from Manatee County lost her husband, but thanks to the help of her community, who helps her husband's dog found her way home.

The husband, Dan Hart was driving to Palmetto from Texas when he suffered an emergency medical condition, was forced to pull over and died at the roadside. Sandy, his Golden Retriever, was in the truck with him, according to WFLA News Channel 8.

Sandy spent eight days in the truck, which had her food and water supplies inside, with her owner, and she remained faithful staying by his side even after he passed, WFLA reported.

It was a truck driver who noticed the car, and that there was a man inside, and called for help, according to WLOX, a Biloxi, Mississippi, television news station.

The Harrison County Coroner informed WLOX Hart died of natural causes along Interstate 10 in Harrison County.
Sandy, 10, ended up at the South Mississippi Humane Society on Monday, where the shelter operations director, Dawn Boob, said he was taken care of her for a few days. During that time, Sandy sat patiently at Boob's feet and greeted people when they arrived at the office.

Boob said: "She was a sweet dog." Really just a very beautiful soul, looking at the circumstances. ... We were lucky to be part of her story. "

Michelle Londke found Sandy’s picture on Facebook. Not long after, Boob had a message on his phone that Londke and Sherryl Jenkinson were coming for the dog. She said they were there by Wednesday.

Jenkinson, from Sarasota, said she has been rescued dogs for years, so there was almost no second thought of driving for hours to reunite Sandy with her family in the palmetto.

Londke, Jenkinson said, was a friend of the Hart family and volunteered to make the trip.
Jenkinson said that Sandy was extremely uncomfortable and nervous for most of the trip. When they finally reached Sandy's home, her owner started calling for her immediately the car door was open.

"She became a completely different dog ... I started crying," Jenkinson said. "She knew she was home."
Carolyn told WFLA, it was an action Dan’s Widow was grateful for.
Caroline told WFLA, tearing up. "I cannot thank them enough ... I do not know how I could ever repay everybody’s kindness."

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