Watch this golden retriever protecting his pup

A golden retriever dog who has just fathered a litter of puppies was having none of it when his owner tried to shake a puppy's paw. Puppy-raising can change the most loving and even-tempered dog into unpredictable or even annoying pets. Fortunately, the dog's behavior usually returns to normal after his puppies become independent. Meanwhile, you can make it easier for you and your dog by anticipating her behaviors.

After a dog gives birth, powerful chemical changes occur in his brain. This is not your dog fault. It is a natural process designed to help her bond and protect her puppies. These hormones are there for the survival chances of both the dog and her vulnerable puppies.

Puppies are pretty much born helpless at birth. They are blind, deaf, and toothless and, in addition, they cannot regulate their temperatures. This makes them totally dependent on their mothers, and rightly so! It is very natural for her to be protective.

"Okay," you may think ... "But, why is the dog protective of me, because I am the one who has been feeding her all these years, petting her, and treating her like a queen? How can the dog hold a grudge against me? “ The answer is hormones. Check out this amazing video of a doggie daddy protects his pup.

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