Dog Scootering (Video)

Dog Scootering is an activity which is gaining popularity throughout the United Kingdom: dogs love to run and what is the best way to allow them to; you may have seen someone in your local neighborhood whizzing past you on a scooter pulled by a dog or dogs. It is a great way to exercise and bond with your pets and suitable for almost any healthy and fit dog.

Dog Scootering is a sport where one or more dogs pull a human riding an unmotorised two-wheeled scooter. The human can help the dog along with scooting and together can cover a much wider area than by walking in the same time frame. This is a great way to exercise for both you and your dog. Obviously, the dog exercises by pulling the scooter and running, but people also get exercise, since they have to help the dog by pushing the scooter and, sometimes getting off and running with the scooter, especially up hills!

Most dogs take to scootering immediate and need little or no encouragement to run as fast as they can while going to new and exciting places. As the Scootering team gains more experience and confidence, you can visit new trails and travel further, and it can lead to a stronger bond between the owner and the dog.

Almost any type of dog can pull a scooter, from Huskies to the Great Danes and Schnauzers to Spaniels. The smaller the dog, the more you have to help out on hills and rough spots. All dogs, regardless of their size, must be slowly worked into fitness, together with their owners. Enjoy the video of a dog Scootering.

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