Cute dog is completely bowled over by his owner's artwork as she stares at painting in Zen-like state (Video)

The dog appears to be fascinated by the artwork, as she quietly sits taking it in. The work is of two boats in the water and is oil on canvas painting. Julia posted a video on Instagram of her Golden Retriever watching the work, with great intensity.

She wrote: Toward the end, I swear she is meditation. The dog like her boats and fans of Julia work quickly became fans of her dog looking at her work. Someone said: My God, this dog cracks me up! Beautiful painting too. No wonder she likes it. Another added: Cute dog admiring an amazing painting! It is not the first time Julia has shared to Ella's reactions to her paintings.

Earlier this month, Ella said goodbye to paintings that have been purchased by art lover in San Francisco, who Julia said her dog had taken a shine to. She wrote: Saying goodbye to his happy painting ... headed to San Francisco, can’t wait to see what it looks like up on the wall!

The Golden Retriever is a regular feature on Julia's Instagram feed, where she shows off her and Ella's reactions, sometimes adding artistic glasses and scarf to her beloved pooch.

Julia works in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and her work is represented by an exhibition in Boston. He has Stanford and Yale degrees and his work has been used in the Mindy project, previously in Fox, and now in Hulu.

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