Check out the World's Smartest Dog

One old joke said that the first and most important step in training a dog was to make sure that you were smarter than the dog, the implication being that you should train the dog instead of the dog training you. This is not a joke. It is a reality.  At the time of writing this, I have come across the smartest dog ever. Not only is the dog smarter than most people, he can teach human tricks.

The Border collie is the most intelligent dog breed because unusual it shows clear intelligence and energy. Dogs of this breed feel best with active owners, which can train and play all day. Because of the fact that in the past they were herding dogs, they may become confused around children who have a different rhythm and cannot be "controlled" as sheep or cows.

When we say "this dog is intelligent," usually referring to the dog's ability to learn new things, to think and solve problems. Certain breeds are considered to be "fitted" with the quality to be easily trained, but other races also are in other ways demonstrating their intelligence and are worthy of admiration.

Dogs are incredible animals that can be trained to do just about anything you can imagine. The secret to teaching your dog is all in the training method you use. Good dog training is a fun activity that helps your dog become a well-behaved, safe, and valued member of the family, and the appreciation you'll receive from friends, family, and neighbors will be well worth the time spent. Check out this amazing dog video!

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