BorrowMyDoggy: Bringing dog lovers and dog owners together to share the care (Video)

With an estimated of about 89.7 million dogs in US households, it is clear that we are a dog-loving Nation, but it is not always practical for people to keep dogs of their own. In addition to having the leisure, space, and money necessary, of course, people should be willing to take on the additional responsibility of having a pet.

In 2012, Ricky Rosenlund (founder of BorrowMyDoggy), borrowed a Brown Labrador called Aston and spotted an opportunity. She wondered why people paid a lot of money for dog walkers and kennels when there were people who did it for free. After only five years, BorrowMyDoggy has over half a million people signed up.

BorrowMyDoggy offers an online platform for dog owners and dog borrowers to meet. Once on the platform, you type in your availability, information about your dog or yourself, if you are a borrower. You then browse your dog or human match and take it from there. The matching process is now carried out by an algorithm, but in the early days, Rosenlund matches people by herself.

The platform has grown naturally at the start, created between dog owners and borrowers. However, now a lot of effort is being invested to keep the community alive through social networks. Obviously, this agreement is a mutually beneficial one where both dog owners and borrowers get a lot of exchange.

According to Anna, she heard about BorrowMyDoggy and signed up. "Having a dog of my own is the ultimate dream, but it is unrealistic now as I work full time. Borrow my doggy means I can walk Loli who lives 3 streets away as frequently as I can commit to, knowing that it is a great help to her owner and extra walkies for Loli and fun for me. "

Bringing dog owners and dog lovers together to take part in dog care can be a great way to connect people who live in the same area. “This is a genius idea that means you can have a dog in your life, even if you do not have space or lifestyle to be able to provide the commitment necessary to own your own. It as well brings neighbors together which can only be a good thing.”

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