A brave dog stops a woman from being robbed in the street by a thug (Video)

There are many reasons why we call dog’s man's best friend. This video shows one of such reasons. An incredible video recording shows the moment a brave dog prevents a woman from being robbed on the street through by a thug. The video, which was recorded in Podgorica, Montenegro capital, a man in a yellow hoodie is seen following a woman on a residential street.

Meanwhile, a black dog assumed to be stray, watch carefully. The man grabs the woman from behind, causing her to fall to the ground, before trying to grab her handbag. The dog then jumps into action, running after and biting the man’s buttocks and legs. The would-be robber then deserts the theft and runs away while the dog pursues him.

The Podgorica Vremiplov video posted on their Facebook group page, a group of people living in Podgorica, has since gone viral, with more than 4000 likes on Facebook. The members of the group were full of appreciation for the dog, and many asked for a medal for the dog bravery.

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