Watch “Tebow” The Dog Who Protects his Pregnant Moms Belly (Video)

Dogs are funny and they entertain us every day. These faithful dog named Tebow give new meaning to the term "dog guard". According to a friend of Tebow family who records the video.

My friend girlfriend is pregnant and her dog has become very caring of yet to deliver the baby. They vow the dog started this on his own and the friend just had to get it on video. Before the child gets involved, the dog is not cruel and poses no threat to anyone. He simply decided that no one should play with the woman belly.

The pregnant woman’s boyfriend asked his buddy to video Tebow each time he went to touch his pregnant girlfriend’s belly, The friend says, Tebow, a pit-bull boxers mix, has become so protective of the yet to deliver babe," says the friend. "He noted that the dog has not been trained to watch over the unborn.

In the video, every time he tries to touch his girlfriend's belly, Tebow freaks out and make him back away. It's amazing to be a witness, but it's interesting to see how badly the dog wants to take care of her.

Initially, it may not actually believe it, but this is true because of the way this smart dog acts. Every time the man tries to touch his pregnant girlfriend, the dog really prevents him from doing so, as if he knew that there was a child growing inside her. This is a surprise for everyone because nobody really taught the dog to do that.

It appears this behavior is not uncommon, and dogs are very familiar to their owners and know how they behave, the dog chooses the habit by itself, and this habit seems not rare in dogs. The Baby Center has discovered that dogs are extremely alert and notice changes in their owner's body when she becomes pregnant and dogs become too protective.

Because of this, they even bark at a family member and the only way to avoid the dog anger is to keep away from the pregnant woman while the dog is around.

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