Tips To Stop Your Dog From Barkinh At Guests (Video)

"Stop barking!" "Stop the barking!" ... maybe even followed by "stupid dog!” How many times have you caught yourself saying that to your dog? We have all done it and we have all got as angry as our Fido just continues barking like nothing happened. Maybe you have even whispered threats ... wished someone would tell you how to stop dogs from barking. So how can you stop dogs from barking at guest? We'll get to that in a few seconds. First, we have to understand why the dog barks. Keep in mind that it is natural for a dog to bark, first to protect itself and its territory, when it is hungry, to warn of perceived danger and fear.

When it comes to preventing your dog from barking at guests, a certified dog trainer Andrea Arden has some expert advice for us.

If you want to stop your dog from barking at guests when they arrive, Andrea believes that everything boils down to good management.

"If you know that your dog has developed a habit of barking when people come to your door, then you need to avoid the situation," he explained.

To prevent this behavior, Andrea recommends having your dog rest quietly in a separate room or in a cage away from the door when people arrive. You can also keep your dog on the leash when guests arrive to avoid lungs and barking.

When it comes to why your dog may be barking when guests arrive, there are some possible causes. First, your dog may be barking at the excitement or enthusiasm. In this case, if you scold your dog by shouting his or her name, a dog can actually interpret this basically as a "barking back", which aggravates the situation.
Instead of "barking back," Andrea recommends calmness quiet and calm when instructing your dog to stop the bark.

There are some other ways: Bring your dog to the door on a  leash to prevent charging or bring treats to calm your dog down. If you start feeding your dog at the door to help calm the animal, the dog will eventually learn to calm down as he approaches the front door and wait for treatment in exchange for proper door manner.

"That way, your dog will go to the front door and think it's a good place to be well-manners to get a treat, not to go on and be barking!" For more information on how to stop your dog from barking at the guest, watch the video below!

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