This Nice Guy Sends Birthday Cards To The Dog He Got With His Ex

Dogs are called best friends for a simple reason. They are the most adoring and loyal creature’s earth on. A dog will love you unconditionally and all they want to do is love you and be with you. Our furry companion influences us in an incredible number of ways, from boosting our immune system to starving off dementia. With all dogs has done to a human, it is not surprising that they are nicknamed as man best friend. There is no better way to describe this bond than the story below.

Rebecca and Juan "Frankie" Hernandez were high school sweethearts. They engaged shortly after graduation and marriage when Rebecca was 21 and Frankie was 22.

Frankie and Rebecca on their wedding day in November 2012.
Immediately after their marriage, the young couple decided to add a new member to their family – a mix pit bull named Apollo.

Rebecca told Huffington Post: "It was the best decision of our lives"
Frankie and Apollo immediately bond and became "best friends," according to Rebecca.
Frankie cools with Apollo.

“Those two were always up to no good bad," she said. "They always wrestling with each other, I felt like their mother and always told them to behave."

A little over a year into their marriage, the union hit the rocks, and the couple parts their ways.
"We were young and married, not as mature as we thought," Rebecca told Huff Post.

The couple decided to separate in 2015. After their separation, Rebecca took Apollo and moved from her home in Houston, Texas, to Mercedes, Texas, where she grew up.

Apollo licking Rebecca Chin.
Even though Frankie remained in Houston; however, that has not stopped the thoughtful ex from sending Apollo a birthday card and gift every year on his birthday.

"It’s the best," said Rebecca, who also receives Frankie cards for her birthday and vacation. "We both love Apollo, it's our son, it seems absurd to people who are not animal lovers, but for us, he is family, our family,

The first half of Frankie’s letter to Apollo.

On the card, Frankie spills his heart to Apollo. It read:
"Watching you grow up from a p
py that fits in the palm of my hand to a big dog that you have now been nothing less than an adventure, and I love every moment of it. There is frankly no time when thinking of you could not put a smile on my face. I will always be grateful for that. There is no day that I do not think of you.

The second half of Frankie’s letter to Apollo.

Rebecca told Huff post, that the last line of the card made her emotional: “As always, continue to take care of yourself and your mom … continues to be there for her like you were for me. “
“That part made me cry, “She said

“I got emotional while reading it, “Rebecca told Huff post. “ I thought it was a super sweet that he was still doing that. “

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