The Dog That Runs a Small Cigarette Shop (Video)

Many dog lovers do insist that there is not much to go on in our dog’s brains beyond "Bacon!” And "Squirrel" Science, however, is in our favor. Using MRI and a series of behavioral experiments, researchers like Stanley Coren discovered what we already know: dogs are quite intelligent!

Meet the Japanese dog who runs the cigar shop. This video of a dog that has its own store in Japan will instantly make you happier.

Shiba Chan is a dog that runs a small cigarette shop in Tokyo, the Musashikogan station. The name of the store is Suzuki, a small cigar store in Tokyo that has the best salesman of all time: the adorable Shiba Inu, who opens his shop window to customers.

The cute dog, which lives in the store with its owner, attracts both regular customers and tourists from all over the country who come to purchase a pack of snacks or cigarettes and as well as saying hi to the amazing shopkeeper.

This dog, which is quite similar to the internet-sensation Doge, runs this cigar shop in Japan and became an overnight sensation thanks to its charismatic service skills. Some stores on the high street may want to think about replicating this level of service.

Okay, so he probably does not really go and get you a packet of Marlboro light and a pack of gums, but this barely matters because of its human nature.

This dog never grumbles of taking the opening shift - as long as he can be nuzzled with a cucumber during break time. Maybe the dog might interest you in a puppy periodical.

The number of views on this YouTube video has exceeded almost a million views, but these few seconds are undoubtedly the most important. Although we have not been able to get the name of a dog, we know that he works in a store called Suzuki.

This dog looks suspicious like a Doge. So you can bookmark this page and consult it when you need it, or even better, book a trip to Japan to hunt this absolutely amazing dog. This video contains more information about this dog, including store directions. Watch the great video below.

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