Sinatra and his Owner Went To High School Together, So They Graduated Together (Video)

This story is one such reason why dogs are constantly referred to as man's best friends and invariable buddy. They get this classification from their ability to help the owner with multiple problems. They are almost like having your own live-in therapist. Studies have shown that people who interact with pets live longer and have a much better quality of life than those who do not.

Tyler McCready, like most high school seniors, donned a hat and gown for graduation from the Rose Bud High in Arkansas. So did his constant companion, Sinatra.

Sinatra, who appears to have at least one blue eye as his namesake, is McCready’s diabetes alert dog. They are both connected at the hip. So it made sense for the two of them to walk and get a diploma together.

; Jerry McCready, Tyler's father, told THV11, "He’s been here since Grade 10, so he’s earned it."
"He has not really been a good chick magnet, and I haven’t gotten any phone number," Tyler said jokingly.

Tyler was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2012 and since then, he and his family have learned to live with the disease.

Wherever Tyler finishes for college (he wish for Florida!), Sinatra will accompany him.
"We did not know anything about diabetes, and nothing is known about counting carbohydrates, none of that." I was thrown into a whirlwind, "said Tyler's father.

They got a GOFUNDME together to raise money for a dog service, one that might let Tyler know when his blood sugar was getting high or low.

"In a few weeks we got the money and It was mind," Tyler said.
"He goes to church and goes everywhere with him," Jerry said. "He will paw and let him know that his sugar is dropping, and Sinatra is usually a little faster than the diabetes equipment he got," Dad said.

It appears Sinatra receives a complete gown-and-cap treatment along with his best friend.
Tyler says he wants to attend college at Full Sail University in Florida State University. Sinatra, of course, will go with him.

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