French ministerial meeting interrupted as The President’s dog urinates in Elysee fireplace

The stray dog the Macrons adopted from an animal rescue into their Presidential home in Elysée Palace has displayed a clear lack of gratitude toward his adoptive parents – by loudly urinating on an ornate mantelpiece while the president held a meeting with the ministers. The urinary act of rebellion.

Nemo, the media favorite has been caught in a steaming hot controversy after derailing a filmed meeting with senior officials by peeing on a gilded fireplace at the Elysee Palace.

The viral images captured by TF1 of France show that Nemo doing his business in the gilded office, sending the head of state and other officials into laughter.

Julien Denormandie, Junior Minister for Planning and Brune Poirson, Junior Minister for Ecology were not able to maintain a straight face before their boss when the serious debate about issues of state in front of LCI cameras was interrupted by the sound of streaming pee.

The brazen culprit was Nemo, a two-year-old black Labrador-Griffon cross Macrons adopted from a rescue shelter in August.

"I wondered what the noise was," says Poirson, playing coy, in the video.

“Does this happen often?" Denormandie asks.

Macron shakes his head.

"You've triggered utterly unusual behavior in my dog,” the President replied.

Macron was trying to avoid failing personal ratings and an icon as an autocratic technocrat when he spent some hours selecting the dog with his wife Brigitte.

Since then, the dog has appeared in predominantly positive stories, such as when it “stood to attention” next to the president of Niger Mohamadou Issoufou in an official ceremony.

It is the tradition of all French presidents to get a pet Labrador in the office, although several previous four-legged occupants of the Elysee Palace subsequently acquired a poor reputation for disorderly behavior or causing damage, and it is uncertain whether the fireplace event will dampen Nemo’s popularity.

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