Eclipse, The dog Has Her Own Bus Pass so she can go to the Dog Park

Dogs are very smart. They adapt to almost any environment you can live. They can adjust to the circumstances that surround them. Their hearing is better than ours and their noses are very sensitive and they can tell if you are wearing clean socks. Even with all their senses, they still insist on living with a human. To a dog, companionship is life. Meaning they want to be close to us most of the time. We should work hard to win this love and respect from such a noble creature.

Anyone with a dog can tell you that they can find a way out of the yard if there is a sufficient reason. Most of the time, they remain there because they know it's where you want them to be. Dogs were free creatures, once. At some point, they decided to give up that freedom to be with us. There are many stories that show dogs are very intelligent and smart and the below story is one of such:


This dog, called Eclipse, is the happiest passenger you are likely to see on public transport. She was given her very own bus pass so she can visit her favorite dog park.

This Seattle gal is a regular passenger on the bus, and the just seeing her offers great entertainment for other passengers, one of whom recently shared a photo of Eclipse on Reddit.

"This is Eclipse," says the caption. "Every day she leaves the house on her own and takes the bus from the city center to the dog park, so she has her special bus pass attached to her neck collar."

Another Redditor said they used to see her every morning.
"I used to get on the same bus station and ride the same bus with her every morning in Seattle, and the owner of Eclipse detested all the publicity she gets, but she understood." Occasionally she will get on the bus without paying attention to others, and then she will go down at the dog park and he would meet her there, a very cool dog.

Although we do not accept allowing dogs to travel freely, because no one knows what can happen to them - Eclipse and her bus pass certainly are cute.

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