Dogs wait patiently for the Doggie school Bus (Video)

It is a well known fact that dogs are ranked as the most intelligent animal species- right up there with elephants, chimpanzees, and dolphins. Dogs are as smart as the average two years old kid, according to animal scientists. Experts have established that dogs can understand up to 250 words and gestures, and can count to five and can perform simple calculations.

Like the children, two dogs patiently wait for the Doggie school bus to take them to play with their furry friends.

These dogs are eager to go to school; these very excited dogs cannot wait to be picked up by the doggie school bus, to be taken to daycare. The video posted on YouTube shows dogs running through their different homes and outside the door, they board the “Doggie School Bus.”

You can hear Rudy's owner saying "What's this, is that your school bus?" The puppies lose their mind, run to the door waiting for the door to be open; you can also hear the dog owner saying “are you going to school?” And the puppy answer by whimpering excited bark. She opens the door and says, "Go get them! It's a school day!"

You can also see another dog, Richie, running out of the room to catch up with the doggie school bus. It looks like all the dogs are very excited about going to school. The dogs run through the door and the video follows him to the Doggie school bus.

Rudy and his colleagues can’t wait to go to school. The instance the owner says, "Is this school bus?" Everyone goes to the door. They climb the stairs and stretch up to the doggie school bus, which will take them to a day of fun activities with other puppies.

The Doggie school bus is in West Lynn, Oregon. The bus arrives at different dog home and picks up the puppies for a day of fun Montoya Art in West Lynn, Oregon. Montoya has been taking care of puppies for the past six years and does pick up, drop off and overnight services. Facebook cannot stop talking about how good it is, judging from the picture, videos, the dogs also love it. The video has approximately 12,000 likes and the dog’s video have been seen more than 150,000 times.

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