Dog Crashes A Wedding Ceremony And Finds His Own Happily Ever After

The couple had the sweetest reaction to an unexpected guest. Wedding Crashers can often be an unwanted and obnoxious freeloader. But that was not the case when an unexpected guest appeared at the recent wedding of Marilia Pieroni and Mattheus Gomez Martins.
Marilia Pieroni and Matthews Gomez Martins were married in September. 30 in Laranjal  Paulista, Brazil.

When Marilia Mathews married on September 30 in Laranjal Paulista, Brazil, rainy weather forced the couple to take the concert to a tent. As the guests took their seats, a street dog with a dirty paw entered the area but was escorted outside. Then the dog came back again.

"As the ceremony beginning, to everyone’s surprise, it was the dog that arrived when the wedding chorus began to play," Marilia told Dodo.

The couple was pleasantly surprised by the furry wedding crasher.
The puppy took a nap on the bride veil as the couple exchanged vows. For the second time, the dog was taken away, and the ceremony was carried on. But when the couple was exchanging their vows, the dog returned and plopped down on the bridal veil to take a nap - an instance capture in the above photo.

"I was very surprised, I thought the little guy was really nice," said Marilia to HuffPost in Portuguese.
The couple embraced their strange guests, allowing him to stay for the reception. According to the bride, the furry guest enjoyed some food from the buffet but disappeared again soon after.

After the marriage, the couple decided they wanted to adopt the puppy and make him an official part of their new family. They trail him down on October 10, after receiving a call from a woman who knew where the dog was.

The dog, who has since been named Snoop, has finally found his much-deserved home.
"Snoop is coping very well with his new routine," the bride told HuffPost. "He is very playful, needy and loving, and we are very happy with him."

The couple now hopes that story will encourage others to adopt also.
"Here in Brazil, we have many abandoned animals that live in the street," said the bride. "We want to appeal to people not to buy animals and to adopt them instead."

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