Check Out Who is the Top Dog of the California Waves (Video)

The sport of dog surfing has developed its own special series of competitions that grow both in number and in participation in recent years. There are now contests in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Hawaii, and other places around the world. The most common are San Diego windsurfing dog competitions.

Dog surfing is exactly what it looks like: dogs ride on ocean waves. They are usually assisted by humans to catch the waves, sometimes even joined by humans on the board. It's also amazing to see how you think. Like some dogs like swimming, some dogs have an affinity for surfing.

More than three dozen dogs took to the waves outside San Francisco, California on Saturday, as they compete at the second World dog surfing Championships.

The furry athletes competed at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica in various categories, including size and tandem surfing - whether it was dog pair or dog and human pairs. There was also a fetish and frisbee contest, including a costume contest.

As seen in many videos and photos published on social networks, dogs did not disappoint.

Homer Henard, who competed with his 6-year-old dog named Skyler, told the San Mateo newspaper: "If your dog in it, then it may be something cool to share."

As it turned out Skyler, a Queensland Heeler is not only in it but good at it. She walks away with not only the second place in the large surf dog category but with first place in the tandem human/dog category.

"I'm very lucky," Henard said of Skyler's talent and ambition. "I'm a passionate surfer, my whole life ... and it's great to share it with her.

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