The most Intelligent Dog You've Ever Seen - Border Collie (Video)

Border collies are not for the neglectful owner. With his superior intelligence comes the need for the mind to be exercised, as well as the body. A bored herding dog can become destructive and agitated or may find its own work to do, such as herding family pets and young children.

In a proper setting, Border Collies are a fantastic companion and very intelligent animals. Their high degree of trainability and superior agility makes for scary competitors in dog sports competitions. Border collies are among the faithful dogs breed that enjoys a close relationship with their owners and do not like to be left alone. Once familiar with the dog unique characteristics, many dog lovers feel that they can never own any other dog than a Border collie.

This is the case of Chaser, who’s been called "the most intelligent dog in the world.” This incredible dog can paint; Irish dances and does home chores. The world is no stranger to the intelligent of breed like a Border collie.

Border collies are the most intelligent of all dog breeds. Its name derives from the borders territories of England and Scotland, where they were developed specifically to herd sheep in the open region. Watch the amazing videos and you will understand why this dog is tag “the smartest dog in the world.”

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