Science Prove That Cats and Dogs Can See “Spirits” and Frequencies That People Can’t (Video)

It was earlier Speculated that all mammals including humans have similar eyes and eyesight. According to new researches, a very scientific angle has been introduced concerning this matter and it has been established that mammals like dogs, cats, and few other animals are capable of seeing and to recognize frequencies that we humans cannot.

According to a research conducted by biologists at City University London, UK, it has been agreed upon that the differential eyesight of species is based on the collected evidence. The ‘PET MD’ said that it is likely for dogs and cats to see ultraviolet light. This, in turn, unfolds a completely different range of things to them than what humans usually see. So when next you see your cat batting into empty air; believe that it can see something you can’t.

Ultraviolet light is the wavelength of light that lies beyond the visible spectrum of a wavelength that is commonly referred to as VIBGYOR. People have a lens in the eyes that obstructs the rays beyond this spectrum including the ultraviolet light from getting to it. So a similar thought process was installed in concordance for other mammals as well.

Though the research carried out by scientists on dead animals like hedgehogs, cats, dogs, monkeys accomplished a different result. The animals that were at first thought not to see ultraviolet light can really see it. This allows these animals to see urine trails which are helpful for predators to locate food and in a similar example helps reindeer to see a polar bear which usually gets camouflaged in snow and therefore saves them from being the food!

However,, there may be some more angles to this topic further than the algorithm of science, something more telepathic and metaphysical. There have been a case where the pets in the home, let’s say a dog or cat starts meowing strangely and pawing at the air as if it chased something. Cat as well-kept looking at the ceiling as if it saw something floating around the home particularly after a death in the family, provided there were no other UV lights in the room or the house.

Therefore, could there be some particular driving reason that made the pet do so? It is certainly likely, for there have been countless instances when we perceived the existence of entities invisible to our naked eyes just like the ultraviolet light. To find out more about this study check out the video below:

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