Police arrested Cato the husky dog for shoplifting (Video)

Shoplifting is one of the most frequent forms of stealing in the United States. This act is identified as the purposeful taking of an item from a place of retail when there is no intention of paying the store. If you think only human can commit this terrible crime, you are wrong because even our furry friends are liable of this horrible crime.

Although police in Clinton, S. C., are happy to have the culprit in custody after a crime spree took the local Dollar General by surprised. But the problem is they cannot get him to talk.

Cato, the husky dog, was caught on camera sneaking inside and out of the sliding doors stealing items whenever opportunity knocked. According to the store manager Anastasia Paulson, “they were aware of several thefts but were not sure what to do until they checked the security cameras." After realizing that they were against one bad dog, Paulson says they called the police.

In hindsight, it should have been apparent, based on the lost items: beef bones, pig ears, dog food, and several other treats.

A copy of the police report, obtained by KCTV-5, notes that Cato was not all that eager on eating the illegal treats, at least not immediately. Instead, the items were buried behind the store.

After spending some time in the pound, the dog was returned to its owner, who paid the shop for the damage.

No charges have been filed, however, the incident has certainly set tongues — and tail — wagging.

Strangely, shoplifting dogs seem to be a frequent problem for the Dollar General Chain of stores. In February, another dog was also caught on camera stealing a toy from the shelf, before exiting the sliding doors.

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