Courageous Dog Fetch Lobster underneath the Ocean (Video)

Amanda Seyfried says her dog is so skilled and has her own Twitter page. The actress appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman some night ago where she was joined by her dog Finn. Her four-year-friend wowed the audience as he showed off his balance skills, and Amanda says that’s not the only talent he possesses.

"Of course he's here tonight, and he's so dependent. He balances things on his head," Amanda said on an American talk show. "He has his own Twitter account. He tweets positive messages ... Ok, it's not really Finn, and it’s my friend who tweets out positive messages from his account."

To show Finn's abilities to the max, Amanda asked for hamburgers to be brought on stage. She joked that Finn is a diver and did not eat cheeseburgers.

"I think he's a little young for the circus. He goes hiking and running, he balances things on his head, like for example, I would order the hamburger." [Hamburger appears] He's amazing, he is going to blow your mind, "she gushed. “ Finn is an Australian shepherd, he is extremely intelligent and very smart. I prefer him not having cheese, he is lactose intolerant.”

If you think Amanda's dog was great because he knows how to go hiking and can balance things on his head, you will be very surprised when you see this puppy fetch a lobster from the bottom of the ocean floor.

Alex Schulze, co-founder of Devoted to the ocean, taught his dogs Maverick and Lila to dive deep into the ocean to retrieve lobsters. And in a video about how to train your dog to catch a lobster,  he gives viewers step-by-step instructions to teach their dogs how to do the same thing.

"The best advice I can have for anyone teaching their dogs to catch lobsters is to never push the dog's limits," Schulze said in an e-mail to Huffington Post. "Training might not go as fast as expected, so take your time training the dogs and make sure they are always comfortable."

The key to teaching your dog is this new trick is a lot of positive reinforcement while also taking time to train the dog to get comfortable by putting his head under water. Watch this amazing dog talent!

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