Cat Learn Dog Trick (Video)

The term copycat may be refer to an individual that adopts, mimics, copies, imitates, or follows the same thing as someone, as a child who adopts the behavior, style or does exactly the same as another child. But this video offers the real meaning of copycat.

Although, the character of cats and dogs are different, for example, dogs usually follow their owners but cats usually not. But if a kitten is adopted with a group of puppies and grow up together, it will gain the same character as dogs.

We all know that cats are very intelligent animals. But what does this really imply? Very often we carry around stereotypical views where dogs are meant to be trained and cats are just meant to be pampered. But did you know that training cats could be extremely useful and fun as training your dog?

Most people can’t even imagine a cat doing tricks. However, this cat is definitely trying to prove something, so when the dogs roll over, she does the same.

Check this amazing video and meet Didga, the adorable cat who appears to be quite familiar with the term “copy cat.”

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