A Dog Throws Himself from Helicopter into Freezing Waves to Save Man (Video)

We all know that dogs are the best, they are so cute and fluffy, and they are literally always there when we need them. I mean, no doubt they’re “man’s best friend.” But in addition to that, they can be so much more — working with the police, guiding blind people, sensing things before they happen are just some of their hidden talents. And of course, these beautiful creatures can also surprise us and help us when we need them the most, and even save our lives. They are definitely way smarter than we think they are and we should never ever take them for granted.

Recently, the Italian School of Water Rescue Dogs has tapped into a, perhaps, underestimated resource by using big dogs like Newfoundland in water rescue operation. The organization has been training dogs for more than two decades for swimming, searching, rescuing people from the water, or helping human rescuers. As it turned out, Newfoundland was born in this line of work.

According to Paulo Bozzo, a dog trainer at the school, using dogs on rescue missions "gives us the extra power to reach someone in danger without being tired ourselves." Working together with a dog companion greatly increases what can be achieved in a rescue scenario.

During the exercises, the school will use helicopters to create waves, wind, and noise in order to simulate a realistic rescue scenario. This is a safe way for the dog to practice a high voltage rescue mission with noisy conditions.

The school said a dog could pull up to 30 people in a lifeboat as far as 2,000 meters.The fit of Newfoundland by himself can drag anywhere from  12-15 people to safety. Watch this amazing video and you will surprise how far dog can go to save humans!

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