This Man Ignored All Warnings And Drove Towards A Hurricane To Save Animals On His Path

What is this thing called love?

Yes, we are told in that in spring a young man's fancy turns to love, but what about all of us adults that no matter if it is spring, fall or whatever the season, we continually fall in love with the big brown eyes found in puppies and dogs.

What is it that draws us to these four footed creatures that sometimes take over our lives?

Why are we, as intelligent individuals drawn into the circle of complete devotion by a pair of brown eyes and some fur?

This is a question that has been puzzling many people for many years. What is it about a dog that gets to us?

People from all walks of life, rich or poor, or beggar will risk their lives to save their dogs. Many have gone into burning buildings to save their dog. During Hurricane Katrina, many people sacrificed their own lives to stay with their dog during the storm and its aftermath.

It seems that social animals are blessed with this hormone while the more solitary animals have less. Humans and dogs are part of that social animal group and that can possibly explain the reason for our affection for each other.

Dogs from the very beginning of time have earned their keep. They have hunted with man, they have protected man, and they have even managed to do some of the work of man. All this with unconditional love and devotion.

What is this magic hold? Some say it is caused by an oversupply of the hormone "Oxytocin" in some people. Oxytocin is the hormone of love and attachment that brings out the nurturing feelings in all of us.

Women have a larger supply than men do, but there are many men that express this hormone when it comes to family and their dogs. A 22-year-old, a college student named Connor expressed such hormone on Thursday when he ended up on a mission to save two doggies despite all warnings to drive towards the Hurricane.

Connor, whose mother volunteers at a local rescue shelter, saw a post on social media about two dogs in danger. The foster parents of Hercules and Thelma were asking for anyone who can come and take the dogs to safety. That’s when Connor decided to make a road trip into the hurricane.

“I said why not? And jumped in my truck,” says the brave man, who wanted his last name to remain unknown. He left Austin and headed directly to Corpus Christi to pick up Hercules and Thelma.

Connor accomplished his mission with great success and now a local animal shelter called Lucky Lab is calling him a hero. “Connor saved the day, literally, by making a big sacrifice, dropping everything and driving four hours to an area about to get slammed by a hurricane,” writes the shelter. “He is now inaugurated as a ‘rescue road warrior.”

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