The kids hide under the pool - what the dog did is fun to watch(Video)

Children’s playing with dogs gives several benefits such as exercise, teaching responsibility, and forging a strong bond between kids and their fuzzy best friend. By encouraging playtime daily right after school a new, healthy, and fun routine will flourish!

Young children in this video are hiding from the Labrador dog by crawling underneath their inflatable swimming pool, but it’s what the Lab does when he finds them that have the entire family laughing!


Children who get home before their parents can combine responsibility with fun by playing with their puppy. Kids playing with dogs after school benefits both dogs and kids evenly, and playtime doesn't need new toys or lots of money. Just a few, everyday items will provide hours upon hours of entertainment.

The children hide from the dog by going underneath the swimming pool. At the moment that the dog knows this secret hiding place, he does something hilarious. Enjoy the video!

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