The Best Way to Wake Your Dog from Sleep (Video)

‘Let sleeping dogs lie’. In common practice, this saying refers to not restarting old conflicts. In reality, if a sleeping dog is awakened abruptly, he can bite a person before he's even awake!

All animals have defense reflexes. If someone starts to poke you in the eye, you will not think, "I should blink"--you will just blink automatically. This is the case when the sleeping dog is awakened--his defense reflex is automatically triggered and he bites without even knowing he's doing it.

So when a sleeping dog is awoken by a child petting him or someone walking by noisily, he can react so suddenly that the person who provided the stimulation may be vigorously bitten more than once--even before the dog is clinically awake. Fears bites can occur when a dog is startled at home, therefore, teach children never to sneak up on a dog or bother a sleeping dog.

Recently a friend called me about her seven-year-old child who was bitten by the family dog. The child went to give the dog a hug, but the dog was sleeping. He couldn’t tell because his eyes were open. Sure, at times dogs sleep with their eyes open and it’s difficult to tell, particularly for kids. I can understand the family is facing some tough choices and I wouldn’t want any other family to be a victim of it.

During my research and finding, I was very lucky to come across an amazing video tip that was so simple, practical, and helpful, that I feel it would be wrong of me not to share it. Watch the video and learn how to wake up your dog the best positive way.


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