Officer Punished a Woman for Leaving Her Dog in a Hot Car (Video)

It is illegal in about sixteen State in America to leave a dog in hot overheating cars during summer. Every year dogs die because they are trapped in a heated car while their owners go into a shop, store, or any other situation when the dog will be left for long periods of time.
Pooch's do not have the ability to sweat in heated conditions making them overheat a lot quicker than people, along with the dog's big fur coat; this makes it a disaster on a hot day. As the heat rises outside it can be under 10 minutes before your pooch is barking to get out in the agonizing heat of the car.
There has been a lot of attention in the last few years and even recently about puppies being left in hot overheating vehicles in the hot summers, by now most people have realized that hot cars are a real risk for dogs yet there are still some folks out there who don't seem to take the situation serious enough or don't understand how rapidly the situation can change.
Recently, an Ohio lady was shocked when an officer cited her for leaving her dog in a hot car but, instead of writing a ticket, the officer forced her to sit inside to see how it feels.

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