Most Luxurious Dog House (Video)

We usually take great pride in our homes. They are an extension of us, show the care and consideration, the flare for the creative, the rich landscaping and the love we put into them in every corner. Taking pride in our living space certainly, extends to
the outdoors as well.

Outdoor living spaces will include planters packed with vibrant flowers, furnishings to relax on, and perhaps a pool, spa or waterfall to be either personally or visually pleasing. When you have put all this effort into the details of your home, you want every fixture and every structure to be of the same caliber no matter what the cost, you want something classy and high quality.

Our dog also deserves the best, it won't seem right to stick our dog out in the yard with a faded plastic dog house, cracking from being in the sun too long? A handsome lavish luxury dog house would be the right home for your pet.

Check out this extravagant dog houses. No better way to says “I love my puppies to death” like spending a ton of cash on a small Victorian mansion, the pooches can call home.

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