Like Human, Dog can Donate Blood

Did you know that just as people, dogs can also donate blood to other dogs or pets in need? In an emergency or during certain veterinary procedures like surgery, dogs may need blood. Veterinarians can buy this blood from blood banks and it will also sound surprised to know dogs even have five distinct blood types, similar to how people have different blood types. There is also a common “O negative” blood type.

Like people, sick and injured animals often need blood transfusions. In some cases, blood transfusions can save a dog's life. Blood is used for a lot of purposes including cases such as surgery, trauma, and illness. Dog parent should bring their dogs to donate so that their blood will help other dogs in need. A single donation of blood can help up to four dogs.
When dogs donate blood, they do so through the jugular vein in their neck instead of their arm as people. Although it may take up to 30 to make a donation, it does not require much effort on the part of your dog and your dog should only need some extra rest for the duration of the day. Only one of these donations can save many lives.

Most dogs do not even understand they donate blood! Vets use a local anesthetic cream to prevent discomfort. In addition, they found that by making a lot of fuss and giving reassurance, the dogs are very happy. Your dog will be fine after about a day but the actual quantity of the blood can take about two months to replace.

There are so many major blood banks in the United States, Canada, and the UK. If you are interested in donating your dog blood, talk to your local veterinarian or emergency clinic. Remember, doing something new for the first time can be naturally troublesome (as for us humans). Preparation is the key to success, and by talking to your veterinarian and reading through the process involves you will know what to expect. Check out this below video, and you will be surprised how easy the process is!

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