Hurricane Harvey: How To Help Affected Pets (Video)

It is not only humans who suffer in a storm like Harvey. During Hurricane Katrina, more than 600,000 animals were abandoned or killed. When there is a storm or fires, pets, other animals can be truly helpless during a natural disaster. But no matter what Mother Nature may throw at us, there is no doubt that humans offer animals the best chance of survival.

Natural disasters can have a demoralizing effect on not only the people of the vicinity but as well as the animals that have made their homes there. Even though most animals can sense the beginning of such events they do not always manage to escape unharmed. This includes both wild animals that cannot flee the danger and pets that are lost or left behind during such disaster.

Dogs and other domesticated animals are severely exposed during a natural disaster because they depend to a large extent on their owners. It is not rare for pets to be abandoned during such events like a storm, flood, or fire and put at risk of being trapped or lost. This leaves them to defend themselves and usually ends in their demise.

After such disaster, animal shelters are often overrun with pets that are at risk of euthanasia to give room to other animals. In situations like these, the only help these pets receive are volunteers who try to reunite them with their parents or drive the animals to no kill shelters to give them a better chance of survival. Watch this YouTube video and see what Harvey residents and their pets are going through!

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