Dog refused to go home after the owner died 8 months ago (video)

Negão a young black dog has been refused to leave the hospital where its owner died 8 months ago. Even though the man died of sepsis soon after his admission, the story of Negão’s loyalty has touched the heart of millions around the world. According to the story, about eight months ago when the dog’s owner, a homeless man, was brought to the hospital after developing an infection that would later confirm fatal.

Medical staff reported that Negão ran alongside the ambulance all the way to the hospital, watched his favorite human be carried inside and waited outside for his return.

Without knowing that the eagerly awaited reunion with his owner who will never happen. This dog has been waiting outside the building ever since, each time an ambulance arrives, the dog’s ears perk up and Negão will follow it to observe if it is carrying his owner, as it did some months ago.

It wasn’t long before hospital staff noticed Negão’s constant presence outside the hospital, and after hearing his tragic story, they started caring for him, bringing him food and water, as well as making sure he had shelter from the elements.

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