Dog Adopts Baby Opossum – Unlikely Animal Friendship.(Video)

Dogs really just never stop surprising us! No one could have anticipated this unlikely friendship to form, but it did, and here’s how it happened.

Poncho, a baby opossum was found as an infant, clinging to the side of his mom after she’d been hit by a car. Fragile and alone, this orphan was unlikely to survive. Rescue workers stumbled upon the tragic scene of the baby, too weak and frightened to let go.

The workers knew that the baby would die if they left it alone, so they brought it back to their rescue center. Still, they worried about its chances of survival. Opossums don’t tend to cope well with surrogate mothers, so it was likely that the baby would still die. And that was when Hantu, a White German shepherd, stepped into Poncho’s mom’s shoes. The two have since become inseparable.

The improbable pair quickly became indivisible and this is the true meaning of friendship. Any animal that is raised with puppies will be well socialized with dogs, which can make it easier to find homes when they are friendly and playful with other species.

After Poncho mother was killed in an accident, the man who found him trying to keep him but it was not possible. Then Hantu became a true friend. She began to nurse the opossum, and soon, it had gained enough strength to climb onto the dog back. She even gave the opossums piggy-back rides! Enjoy the video!

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