Blind Dog Found In The Mountains After 8 Days (Video)

A blind Labrador retriever was surprisingly found alive in the Santa Cruz Mountains after being lost in the forest for eight days.
The Boulder Creek dog’s rescue went viral on Facebook among San Lorenzo Valley inhabitants who have weather wet winter and needed something positive to happen.

The blind dog, called Sage, wandered through the forest and vanished. The owners mistakenly believe that their dog has been brought in at night.

Beth Cole said her friends and neighbors helped her look everywhere for her beloved dog. But after seven days, her hope of seeing the dog began to fade away. There were many mountain lion sighting that week, and temperatures dropped during the night.

"We were giving up hope," Cole said.

Then, an unexpected event occurs.

Neighbor Dan Estrada and his friend Viktor López were out hiking with two dogs Saturday when they saw a white dog in a stream. They were afraid that the laboratory may be dead.

When Sage detects his presence, the lab perked up and lifted his head.
Estrada said he was overcome with emotion, went into the stream, hugged sage. The dog had not wandered far from home, but the environment was extremely slippery down to the stream.

He was too weak to walk, so Estrada carried Sage over his shoulders up a canyon.
Now the dog is doing well at home.

"We've always loved our community, but this really has re-enforced what a special place this place is," Cole said.
Estrada rejected a $ 1,000 reward from Cole family and instead asked for it to be donated to an animal organization.

A celebration for sage will be held at Joe Bar on Hwy 9. This event is a fundraiser for the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter.

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