Zack the Dog and the ice cream man (Video)

We all love ice cream, We all know the sound that most ice cream truck makes when it comes to our neighborhood. It is a sound that signals that the cold, tasty treats are close by. But if you think that is a human thing, think again. Because dog won't stop to amaze us, even though over the years, we have seen some pretty hilarious actions by our furry best friend.  just when we think they can’t surprise us anymore, here is one who is purchases his own favorite item.

Zack is a very intelligent dog, he loves his ice cream that much, he goes and gets his own!’ There is no denying that these four-legged creatures are getting smarter and smarter each passing day. Upon arrival, Zack is seen ordering, and then being handed his favorite treat from the ice; a Tupperware full of vanilla. It seems as though Mr. Whippy knows Zack very well and knows exactly what his little furry customer wants. Check out this amazing Video!

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