Uncommon Friendship between Cheetah and Dog (Video)

Even though cheetahs are the fastest animal on earth, they have had a hard time eluding its fate as the scarcest wild cat. They are very nervous beings and don’t understand how to interact with each other, they get too stressed to have sex. These are reasons they need help as they’re becoming extinct. And the solution came from the most unexpected type - the rescue dog, seeing that cheetahs need some assistance zookeepers are now assigning them with emotional support dogs. This is a love story of one species helping another species survive. An amazing yet affectionate bond between cheetahs and dogs could help save this species from extinction. In zoos across the United States, the big cats are gaining a sense of confidence and comfort from rescue dogs, which are placed with the Cubs after they’re born. Dogs have long been regarded as man's best friend, however, their characteristics of protectiveness and loyal have also earned them another title of being "cheetah's best friend." That's correct; dogs are being used more and more often to help in preservation efforts to conserve the scarce cheetah both in the zoo and in the wild. The main objective of comforting cheetahs through this strange company is to make them at ease in their captive environment so that they will be able to breed with other cheetahs. Shyness and anxiety don't augur well for a breeding program, so the inter-species friendships that the cheetahs are able to develop with dogs can actually benefit the long-term survival of this rare cat. Check out this amazing video, you will really appreciate the courage and service of our furry friends!

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