This Puppy want some yogurt but is too shy to ask for it (Video)

It is a fact that some shy dogs exhibit shy behavior only toward people, while others show it only toward dogs.  Many, though, will display the behavior toward both, or even in stressful situations that don’t involve a person or dog. They tend to display signs of behavior that are easy to recognize. They will often have their tail tucked between their legs and will avoid looking at you, just as they would in a pack in the hope of not offending anyone.

Perhaps you are surprised to know that shyness is often the common behavior of dogs, although it might be a vice, in this case, I consider it the best behavior a dog can display. this dog exhibits something close to proper training. Even though he knows the only thing he can eat is what’s placed in it bowl. But much like humans he is drawn to the look and smells of the tasty yogurt, he looks longingly at what the owner is eating and imagined of how good it will taste.

Check out this perfect dog suffering from a major food envy after been feed his own meal. The dog is salivating for his owner's yogurt, but is too shy to straight up ask for a taste!

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