Natural Way To Clean Your Dog Teeth (Video)

Just like in people, bacteria build up in your dog's mouth. If you don't take proper care of your dog's teeth regularly this can cause a hard, calcified build up (plaque, just like us!) that literally needs to be scraped off with a tool. If we don't help care for our dogs' teeth, they'll rot.
Bacteria will work its way to the system, damage vital organs over time and shorten your dog's life. Proper dental hygiene is important for your dogs. You probably know that and may be wondering what your choices are.
RAW is the key here, not cooked. cooked bones easily splinter, can actually cut your dog mouth and throat. Raw bones are more flexible, and therefore not splintered so easily, but did not last as long. Raw chicken bones such as Turkey's neck bone for large dogs or chickens for small dogs are considered to be the best ones. See this video and learn more!

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