Most Beautiful Moment Between A Little Girl And Doggy (VIDEO)

Kids are usually fond of dogs; they are faithful companions with whom they like to hug or to whom they can tell their story. Usually, it goes very well, but be careful of bite incidents. Repeatedly the children have been victimized. Over 40% of kids being bitten by a dog is below ten years. In the vast majority of cases, it was bitten by the dog reacting to something that the child did and there was at that time no active custody by adults. So it is necessary that children learn how to safely deal with dogs.

But other things, such as who is in charge, are as important when it comes to children and dogs relationship. Fortunately most of the times they are buddies for life.

Talking about custody of a kid when playing with dogs, this father was in the active custody of his loving daughter when he recorded this uncommon beautiful moment between his daughter and their dog. This cute little girl shows that no matter how old you are, you can always let a dog listen to you. So cute, enjoy the video!

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