Meet Porter. The World's First Driving Dog (Video)

Believe me, this is not an April fool’s joke or some kind of crazy car commercial. It's the SPCA Auckland (located in New Zealand) coming up with a ground-breaking way of proving that it's possible to train a rescue dog new tricks. Porter is dogs rescued by the SPCA Auckland, and he was taught the ability to drive a Mini Countryman around a track. Check out the most intelligent dog who learned how to ride a car. I can’t believe it!! The following video is an interesting one that will leave your mouth wide open after seeing it. I in particular, never believe dogs were this intelligent until I rested my eyes on this video. The clip is about a dog by the name of Porter, who is very intelligent to be the world first dog to drive a car. So amazing! According to the owner of this energetic dog, Porter, took the time to learn through an intensive training. In the clip, we are demonstrated how Porter drove his MINI Countryman LIVE on Campbell Live in New Zealand without encountering difficulty. But what is the real secret of the dog learning all these words? You will be astonished to find out that it is not a hard task as….Watch the clip below to find out the trick. Don’t forget dogs like this smart deserve a home. Adopt a smart SPCA dog today. Please SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook and other social media sites!

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