Abandoned dog on a Busy Road Gets Rescued (Video)

Ever come home from a long day, ready to make dinner and as part of the ritual you call for your furry friend. But no answer? you call again and you get the same result. Your heart starts to race as you begin to search for your missing dog. After searching every nook and cranny of the house and yard, and then you see the open gate. The dog is missing and has run off. This is a very frustrating situation the owner. It's only about 15-20% every stray dog is found by the owners.

Rescuing a dog you found wandering the street is the best thing you can do for the furry friend and it owner. It is always a great relief getting a call from someone who found your stray dog or seeing your missing dog run to you at the animal shelter. What is important in many of these owner-dog reunions is that a Good Samaritan found, held and take the dog to a safe place. Knowing how grateful we were or would be to them, we naturally want to do our part if we ever see a missing dog wandering the streets. Check out this video of abandoned puppy that gets a new home.

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