A blind dog gets an unlikely helper – a cat who acts as his guide (Video)

As Terfel’s cataracts caused his sight to decline, the aging dog began confining himself to his basket to avoid bumping into things. Since 14-year-old Terfel is blind and partially deaf, he rarely leaves the protection and comfort of his bed because he’s terrified he’ll hurt himself. So when Pudditat came into his life things changed forever for Terfel, for the better. The whole thing changes, Ever since Terfel has been using the cat’s eyes to help him find his way around. Similar to a scene out of a movie the cat approached Terfel and appearing to sense he could not see, kindly led him out of his basket and outside into the garden. Pundit is a mean, stray cat who is very good at bullying other animals, but when she met Terfel, things were different. They became best friends and Pudditat acted as a guide to the blind dog, enjoy the video!

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